Higgins Lakefront Property Listings

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Higgins Lakefront Property Listings

If you are looking for Higgins Lake waterfront, Ken Carlson Realty is your source for Northern Michigan waterfront including Higgins Lake waterfront, Houghton Lake, Lake St. Helen and many more. Serving many Northern Michigan counties, we can help you find the Higgins lakefront property of your dreams.

Higgins lakefront properties are some of the most sought after waterfront properties in the state. A stunning Northern Michigan lake renowned for its beauty, Higgins Lake, is located in Roscommon County and is the 10th largest lake in the state and boasts over 21 miles of shoreline. Higgins Lake was formed as a glacial ice sheet retreated leaving behind the deep crystal clear waters we now enjoy.

Many people dream about living in a lakefront home but very few people actually make that dream come true. There are many advantages to lake living and here are just a few:

Tranquility – A lake home is like your own vacation getaway. Imagine family and friends cooking out in the backyard, watching the sunset on the lake, or a quiet evening sitting by the water listening to the crashing of waves up against the shoreline.  There is no better way to sleep at night than by listening to the water as the cool lake breezes gently lull you to sleep. In the morning, take your coffee sitting on your back porch with a serene and calming view of the lake.  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. The sights, smells and sounds of living on the lake are spectacular in every season, at any time of day or in any weather condition.  Being near the water has been known to relieve anxiety and stress, lower your blood pressure and just make you feel better.

Privacy – If you live on lakefront property you’ll never have a neighbor in your backyard. You’ll be able to enjoy unobstructed views of the lake all day long.  Lake homes have fewer neighbors in general and less cars and traffic noise.  Privacy is a valuable commodity these days.

Resale Value – There are a limited supply of these highly desirable house on Higgins Lake. What that means for homeowners is that lakefront homes hold their value and increase in value over time, making them a great investment for your family and future generations who will enjoy the property for years to come. Even homes relatively close to the water or with lake access benefit from increased equity over time.

Water Sports – You can forget about taking expensive trips with the whole family when you have it all right in your own backyard.  You and your family and friends can use the lake house for swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, sailing, boating and even water or jet skiing if the lake allows that. Another bonus is that all of these activities lead to a healthier lifestyle. No need to go to the gym, you’ve got it all just outside your back door. Also, if you own a boat already, you can forget about the expensive docking and storing fees.

Wildlife – Michigan inland lakes are some of the most diverse places in the state for wildlife and support 87 wild bird species, 24 amphibian species, 19 mammal species and 25 retile species.  There is no better place than the water’s edge to connect with nature and view bass, bluegills and other fish that spawn in the shallow waters of Higgins Lake. You’ll get a chance to see sandhill cranes, loons, ducks and swans as well as frogs, otters and the occasional mink which are all indigenous to Michigan inland lakes. Get yourself a good pair of binoculars and view nature’s wonders.

Fishing – Higgins Lake is located in Roscommon County and with its three lakes, Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake & Lake St. Helen; you’ll find some of the best fishing the state has to offer. Species include perch, crappie, walleye, northern pike, bass, bluegill, rainbow trout,  brown trout, smallmouth bass. largemouth bass and more. Fishing goes on year-round as the area is known for its ice fishing in the winters.

Living in the Higgins Lake area offers many benefits including conveniently located shops and restaurants. The area has all the amenities of a metropolitan community but with a small town feel and a very low crime rate that comes with small, close-knit communities.  The cost of living is lower than the national average and there is easy access to hospitals, doctors and health care facilities.  Two nearby state parks, South Higgins Lake State Park and North Higgins Lake State Park offer tons of recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, camping, cross country skiing and more.  There are over a dozen options located within 25 miles for golfing enthusiasts to enjoy picturesque views like only upper Michigan gold courses can offer.

Higgins Lake Chamber of Commerce puts on many activities and events throughout the year including the annual Festival of Arts. People come from all over the state and beyond to attend this premier art show that is one of the best in Michigan.  A large variety of vendors display their artwork which consists of jewelry, unique paintings, multimedia, garden art works and much more. The show is located in the quaint downtown area of Roscommon whose restaurants and shops make it a pleasure to visit. The Higgins Lake area offers something for every member of the family in every season of the year with its beautiful lakes, rivers and tranquil woods, it’s no wonder the area is a prime area for real estate.

Homes for sale above feature available Higgins Lakefront properties. Listings are varied and range from elegant lakefront homes with over 3300 square feet of interior with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and beautiful views to quaint cottages for just over $100,000 offering over 1000 square feet located near to one of Higgins Lakes most popular areas.* Whether you enjoy the quiet of the lake away from the parks or prefer to be in the heart of the action by North or South Higgins Lake State Parks, there are plenty of Higgins Lake waterfront properties to choose from.

A growing community with good schools, convenient amenities and beautiful surroundings, property values are on the rise on Higgins Lake and now is the time to buy. If you are looking for a vacation home or a permanent home on one of Michigan’s most beautiful lakes, contact Ken Carlson Realty at 989.240.0970 and let us help you find the home of your dreams.

Ken Carlson Realty is your source for Higgins Lake and Higgins Lake Lakefront Real Estate.

*At the day of publish, 3.26.2016.