Vacant Land

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Northern Michigan Vacant Land

Vacant land is becoming harder and harder to find as the popularity of Northern Michigan living continues to increase. Whether you are looking to buy a parcel of land on which to build a house or cottage or you are looking to purchase land for investment purposes only, owning vacant land has a number of advantages. One of the most important and obvious benefits of purchasing vacant land in Northern Michigan is that in just about every case, it is less expensive than land with a house or building on it. Additionally, if there are buildings on the land that are worthless or in need of extensive repairs or demolition, this will have to be done at the new owners expense, and that can be extremely costly.

When you purchase a parcel of vacant land, you can do just about anything you want with it and are only limited by zoning and building codes. You can start with a blank canvas and build the home of your dreams exactly the way you want it. If a large kitchen is your highest priority, there is nothing stopping you. If you want a private bathroom for each bedroom, you can have it, first floor laundry, no problem. You can also decide what is most important to you, having a large yard or a large house or if you want a bigger back yard or a bigger front yard. It can be nearly impossible to find everything you are looking for in a pre-built home, and many home buyers wind up settling for something less than they had originally set out to find. When you build your home yourself, you can create it just the way you want it.

If building a house right away isn’t a priority and you just want to purchase vacant land, the costs of keeping it year to year will be significantly less than if there was a house or building on it. You will have a smaller mortgage payment, less taxes and insurance, and none of the costs of upkeep in maintaining a building in good repair. With vacant land, all you need to do is to check on it once in a while and perhaps mow the grass. Buildings and homes can start to fall apart if they are not properly maintained and this can cost you time and money and actually make your property less desirable if you’re using it as an investment. As a long term investment of property where you don’t plan to live, vacant land is often the better value. There is also an advantage of purchasing land that may at some point become even more valuable due to a change of zoning or someone coming in who wants to develop the land for housing or business purposes. These kinds of investments can offer extremely high returns on your investment.

Whatever your motive for purchasing vacant land in Northern Michigan, you simply cannot go wrong. A lot of retirees are discovering that with a lower cost of living, many of the cities and towns in Northern Michigan can help make their money go farther. In addition, moving to a place where there’s less noise, less traffic, less people and more open spaces, lakes, rivers and streams is just about everyone’s dream.  You can’t put a monetary price on dreams like that, and that is one of the many reasons these properties are in such high demand and a great investment. 

While the number of vacant land parcels on the market is starting to diminish, there are still over a thousand unique properties waiting to meet your needs. Whether it’s lakefront or riverfront property, property with easy access to golf courses, a piece of property that backs up to wooded area or federally protected land, something with lots of trees or a lot that’s already been cleared, Ken Carlson Realty can help you find exactly what you’re looking for and help you negotiate the best possible price.

From smaller properties, perfect for a limited budget, where you can build a small cabin by the lake, to a large parcel of vacant land where you can have access to unlimited hiking or snowshoe trails or spend the hunting season in the privacy of your own back yard, the opportunities in Northern Michigan are as endless as your imagination. With all of the incredible recreational opportunities, the friendly neighbors and shop owners, the hours of quality time you’ll spend with family and friends, owning vacant land in Northern Michigan is priceless. 

Now is the time to buy vacant land in Northern Michigan while there’s still inventory, the prices are still reasonable and the interest rates are relatively low.  As demand rises and the economy continues to improve, the prices will just keep climbing, so if owning vacant land in Northern Michigan is something you’ve been considering, there’s no time to wait. Start that hobby of golfing on some of the finest golf courses in the country, start a vegetable garden on your very own land, take up bird watching, fishing, hiking, hunting, mountain biking, cross country skiing or snow shoeing. Northern Michigan has it all and the excitement never stops all year long, from the endless recreational opportunities, the annual art and cultural festivals, to idyllic sunsets, there’s no better place to own your own piece of paradise.   

Ken Carlson Realty is an expert on Northern Michigan vacant land properties and serves the counties of Antrim, Benzie, Clare, Crawford, Missaukee, Roscommon, and Wexford and vacant property in Cadillac, Higgins Lake, Houghton Lake, Lake City, Roscommon and beyond. You can choose from lakefront, private lake access, riverfront, private ponds, channel, acreage, private roads, private ponds, golf courses and so much more. There are still a number of vacant land properties available on the popular Houghton Lake and Higgins Lake in a wide variety of price ranges too.

Our website makes it easy to start looking for the perfect vacant property to meet your needs. If you click on any of the links above, you can begin your search today. If you are interested in Northern Michigan vacant land and would like more information, or to speak with Ken, contact us at 989.240.0970 or click here to contact us online.