Manistee Riverfront

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Manistee River Riverfront Real Estate

If you’re ready to enjoy the beauty and charm of living along one of Northern Michigan’s most magnificent rivers, Ken Carlson Realty is your source for Northern Michigan Real Estate on the Manistee River.

The Manistee River runs for 193 miles through, scenic forests, rolling hills, open meadows, protected wetlands, and a stunning waterfall near the northern end of the river.  The waterfall is a favorite of hikers who enjoy hiking on the 8.8 mile Manistee River Trail that runs along the river. The Manistee River Trail crosses over several creeks on wooden bridges where hikers often pause to enjoy the view. Along the trail there are also a number of observation sites that allow panoramic views of the river and surrounding wilderness.  The trail connects to another 23 miles of loop of hiking trails, and where they connect at the Manistee River Trail and the North Country National Scenic Trail, is where you’ll discover the largest wooden suspension bridge in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The popular hiking trails can be accessed by three major trailheads, one that leads to the larger loop which can be accessed from the Upper River Road Trailhead.  The Manistee River Trail has two trailheads at the Red Bridge and at Seaton Creek. Along the miles of trails, campsites are available for hikers and kayakers out for multi-day excursions.

The Manistee River is a long, winding river that cuts is way through Northern Michigan as it makes its way to its final destination, Lake Michigan. The Manistee runs through the counties of Crawford and Kalkaska and the cities of in Grayling, Fife Lake, Mancelona, Frederic and Kalkaska. These areas, located in the heart of Northern Michigan are some of the best recreational communities in the country. The mighty Manistee River is recognized as one of the most beautiful rivers in Michigan and is well-known for fishing and watersports, including kayaking, canoeing and rafting. The city of Grayling was actually named after a species of fish called Grayling that were once plentiful in the area.  Though the Grayling and other fish that normally thrive in the Manistee’s cool clear waters, the Grayling has long since become extinct. Legend has it that during the logging era, fishermen caught over a thousand Grayling in one weekend alone. Unfortunately the logging industry and the over-fishing wiped out the Grayling and changed the face of the river forever. Today, thanks to good management and Mother Nature, the river has recovered and is once again a world class fishery famous for its steelhead, trout and salmon. In fact, it is considered one of the best trout rivers in the state. The Manistee River also supports walleye and pike and is a great place to enjoy the abundance of wildlife that flourish along the shores.

Another popular recreational opportunity in the area is Hartwick Pines State Park. Like the Manistee River, the 9,672 acres of forest located near Grayling, was almost wiped out by the logging industry. The park is the 3rd largest park of its kind in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  During the 1880’s the Salling Hansen Lumber Company logged the dense forest heavily for about ten years. What’s left of the original white and red pines is referred to as “old growth” forest. Beginning in 1930, the Civilian Conservation Corps planted a massive amount of new pines and this portion of the forest is known as “second growth”. The stately trees in the “old growth” forest are as old as 375 years, as tall as 160 feet and have girths up to 4 feet in diameter. The white pines in the park are some of the largest in the eastern part of the country. Hartwick Pines State Parks has a network of hiking and cross country ski trails, campgrounds, and a museum with out-buildings that portray life as it might have been 200 years ago.

Northern Michigan cities like Grayling, Fife Lake, Mancelona, Frederic and Kalkaska are highly desirable places to live, vacation, and retire.  Northern Michigan cities offer a tranquil way of stress-free living that can only be found by truly connecting with nature.  This is an area that remains nearly untouched by commercial properties, strip malls, rush hour traffic and chain restaurants. Instead you’ll discover quiet country roads, locally owned mom and pop shops owned by your neighbors, peaceful sunrises and sunsets over shimmering lakes and family friendly events that have become part of Northern Michigan’s culture.  There are so many things to do in Crawford County and its cities like Grayling. From impressive golf courses to swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, biking, hunting and bird watching, there’s literally something for everyone in the family.  Popular annual events including art fairs, the October Harvestfest and the AuSable River Festival & Canoe Marathon, bring the community out to share in the warmth and excitement of these much loved and anticipated festivities.  The AuSable River Festival & Canoe Marathon might be one of the area’s most popular annual events and is so well known that the participants come from all over the country to take part in what is considered to be one of the most grueling and prestigious marathons in the world. The 120 mile canoe race is the longest canoe race in the United States. Participants canoe day and night non-stop, though cold, rain and scorching heat for up to 14 hours. Residents of the city come out to cheer on the start of the race and are there at the end to congratulate the winners as well as the brave souls that take on this highly difficult challenge. It all takes place on nearby AuSable River.

Known for its beauty and grace, the Manistee is a highly sought after location to purchase homes and vacation properties. Homes and cottages along the Manistee are in high demand, and can make great investments. At any time our website has up to a dozen Manistee River riverfront properties listed. Properties for sale along the Manistee can be found in the counties of Crawford and Kalkaska and the cities of in Grayling, Fife Lake, Mancelona, Frederic and Kalkaska. Whether you are looking for a vacation home or a more permanent residence along the Manistee River, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

If you have questions about a Manistee River riverfront real estate for sale on our site or a question about another listing you do not see here, feel free to contact Ken for more information. Ken Carlson is your source for Northern Michigan riverfront real estate. Contact Ken at 989.240.0970 or via the contact form for more information. Let us help you find the Manistee Riverfront property of your dreams.