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Northern Michigan Riverfront Property Listings

Northern Michigan is fortunate enough to have over 36,000 miles of rivers and streams dotting the landscape from lazy streams to major tributaries. Living along one of Northern Michigan’s rivers has many advantages. You can get away from the sounds of the city and traffic and exchange them for the sounds of water gently flowing down the riverbanks. There’s nothing like the cool night air and the peaceful sounds of nature to lull you to sleep.  It’s been shown that living near water has a relaxing quality that can reduce blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall mood and general health.  The healthy benefits of living along a tranquil river setting, including the sights, the fresh air and the sounds are priceless.  Riverfront properties also offer a higher degree of privacy because the homes are generally more spread out, and when you step out into your backyard, you can rest assured that your view of the river and the woods will never be replaced by new construction.  Because of all of the advantages of riverfront living, these homes are in high demand which make them great investments for your future and the generations of family for years to come.  Of course, living near rivers in Northern Michigan means that you and your friends and family are never far from all-season recreational opportunities the area has to offer. While living on the riverfront might make it convenient to put in your kayak or canoe or to fish right from your backyard, nearby, you’ll find miles and miles of hiking, biking and cross country trails for your enjoyment. Living on one of Northern Michigan’s rivers means you’ll be close to all the fun and activities that lead to a healthy lifestyle.  With swimming, boating, fishing, skiing and so much more, it’ll feel like you’re always on vacation.

One of Northern Michigan’s favorite rivers is the main branch of the AuSable River which flows nearby and alongside of the Huron-Manistee National Forest. This scenic river is a highly desirable location for home buyers. More than 20 miles of the AuSable is designated as a National Wild and Scenic River, giving it the protection it needs to be a habitat for endangered species like the bald eagle and the Kirklands Warbler. River Road runs parallel to the AuSable River and is a designated as a National Scenic Byway. Much of the land around the AuSable is part of the watershed and part the state forest which is also forever protected from commercial development.  The AuSable is one of the most well-known trout streams in the world. The river was once filled with a fish species called the Grayling but over-fishing and the logging industry, that went on from the 1860’s through 1910, depleted the Grayling and today’s main catch is the brown trout. A monument dedicated to the lumberjacks is located on the river near Oscoda. The Lumberjack Monument honors the lumberjacks who were some of the first western inhabitants of the area.

Besides fishing, the AuSable is the ideal place for a leisurely float down one of the most scenic locations in Michigan. If you don’t own a kayak, canoe or raft, there are a number of liveries along the river where you can rent and they offer trips that last from only a few hours to several days and including camping along the banks of the river.  The river today is also well-known for the annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon which has been going on since 1947. This canoe race is not for the faint of heart and is a grueling race of 120 miles; a journey that can last up to 21 hours through the heat of day and the cool night where visibility is nearly impossible. The fastest time is recorded at around 14 hours. There are no shortages of great properties along the AuSable as it has over 350 of tributaries including Pine River.

The Manistee River meanders through over 190 miles of Northern Michigan cities, towns and villages of Sharon, Smithville, and Mesick, entering Lake Michigan at Manistee. The Manistee River can be a wild and amazing river and is also known for its beautiful scenery, abundant and diverse wildlife, great fishing and a number of other recreational pastimes.  Spring and fall bring out the anglers because there is no better place to attract excellent salmon and steelhead. Walleye and pike fishing take over in the summertime.  You don’t have to be a fisherman to enjoy the Manistee River though. Bird watchers and nature lovers, hikers, hunters, kayakers and cross country skiers all find the Manistee and the trails along it to be an awe inspiring destination. Today the river is used extensively for recreation since being restored from the ravages of the logging industry; the Manistee River is once again considered among the best trout and salmon rivers in the country as well as a highly desirable location for anyone looking to live along the river. Because the river has become so popular, a number of businesses have cropped up to meet the increasing demands for recreational opportunities, including guided fishing tours and canoe liveries.

The third Northern Michigan river of notable mention is the Sturgeon River which is the areas fastest and most challenging river. The fast turns through Cedar Forest, sudden water level changes, downed logs (which they do try to remove) and the speed at which the water flows make kayaking and canoeing this river best left to the experienced.  The Sturgeon River is a 40 mile highly scenic river that flows through Otsego and Cheboygan counties near Gaylord. Much of the river flows into Burt Lake and there are dozens of streams and tributaries that branch off along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a home on a peaceful lazy stream that winds gently through Northern Michigan or one that rests alongside of one of the more well-known rivers, there are clearly plenty of opportunities available right now. Michigan’s rivers and streams offer great recreational options as well as riverfront homes for sale that will meet your specific needs.  Northern Michigan rivers have everything buyers are looking for from vacant land to rustic cabins on the Rifle River to luxurious log cabin style homes on the AuSable featuring all the amenities, to the unique homes along Crooked River. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s plenty to choose from in a price that will fit your budget. If you’ve always dreamed of owning property along one of Northern Michigan’s spectacular rivers, now is the time to make that dream a reality.

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