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Roscommon Real Estate

The kind and generous communities, like Roscommon, that make up Northern Michigan are the reason the area has such a remarkable reputation as one of the best places in the entire United States to live, work, and play. Located within Higgins Township, Roscommon is a unique place in that it is both a city and a county. There are numerous differences between the two, and each offer diverse opportunities for residents and tourists. The city of Roscommon has endless modern conveniences and amenities, whereas Roscommon County includes well-known and coveted proximity to Michigan’s largest lake, Houghton Lake, as well as Higgins Lake and Lake St. Helen. Do not be confused, the outer areas of Roscommon County aren’t the only places to enjoy nature. The city of Roscommon has prime access to the south branch of the AuSable River, which contributes plenty to the tourism and recreation industry as well as to the local economy. Though the city of Roscommon has a smaller population of only about 1,000 people, Roscommon County provides safe and affordable housing for as many as 25,000 satisfied residents.   

Nature enthusiasts and admirers can’t get enough of Roscommon County’s unbelievable luck to be privy to access to not just one, but three premier inland lakes. Houghton Lake is not just the largest inland lake in all of Michigan, but it is also one of the largest natural lakes in the entire country. It’s a little less than eight miles from top to bottom with just under a five-mile width, however despite its magnificent size, its maximum estimated depth reaches only about 17 feet. Houghton Lake may be the largest and most popular, but it would be nothing without its nearby relative Higgins Lake. Higgins may be visually smaller but it also has greater depth and is known for its recreational fishing, as well as its trademark deep, clear water. Higgins Lake drains into the Cut River until it reaches Marl Lake; from there it travels to Houghton Lake, eventually washing out into Lake Michigan. There are two state parks on either side, the North Higgins Lake State Park and the South Higgins Lake State Park, which both provide endless summer fun for campers and boaters. Lake St. Helen is especially important to Roscommon’s local economy because it sends necessary headwaters to the south branch of the AuSable River, which as already stated is the specific part of the massive river system that happens to run right through Roscommon. In total there are more than 50 lakes in Roscommon County, though none quite as impressive or important as these three.

Great things seem to come in threes for Roscommon County. Though the city of Roscommon has only one river, the AuSable River, in its vicinity, Roscommon County actually boasts three. The impressive 138 miles of AuSable River run through several communities throughout Northern Michigan, however its south branch provides plenty of recreation from fishing and swimming to kayaking and canoeing, adding a significant boost to the communities tourism industry. The Muskegon River is Michigan’s second largest river with a 216-mile long stream and has its headwaters in Houghton Lake. It has a long and proud history as one of the favored logging rivers throughout the boom in the 1880’s, and is known today for being a slow and peaceful river, making it perfect for canoe or kayak beginners and wildlife enthusiasts. Today, residents and tourists can enjoy a variety of relaxing water sports on the water, or enjoy camping and hunting in various designated areas nearby. If you’re lucky, you may get a chance to see eagles and other common waterfowl, as well as deer and otters. The smallest river of the three is a 26-mile stretch of water called the Sugar River, which flows eventually into the Saginaw River.   

With miles and miles of famous rivers, peaceful shorelines, and wide-open lake water, it’s easy to deduce that water sports and recreation play a big part in the lives of Roscommon residents. Why shouldn’t it? Michigan is known for its Great Lakes after all. However, if you happen to be the one person in all of Michigan who can’t stand dipping their toes into those tempting clear waters, then no worries, there are still tons of opportunities for a great time anywhere in the city of Roscommon as well as in the rest of Roscommon County. You can visit the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum or the Michigan Fireman’s Memorial to seek out a deeper appreciation for the dedicated citizens who put Roscommon first. Or meet halfway between secluded submersion into nature and reliance on indoor only fun, and take advantage of several controlled exterior areas to explore for a reasonable fee including the Cross Country Ski Headquarters, the Roscommon Zoo, the Ye Old Country Club, the Redwood Gold Course, the Fifth Street Market, and more. So whether you prefer your solitude and the company of your own thoughts, or some light background chatter and friendly greetings from soon to be new friends, Roscommon has more than enough chances for you enjoy it all.  

In addition to its safe, clean neighborhoods, exceptional schools, abundance of communal and emergency services, incredible natural beauty, and world-renowned recreation all year long, Roscommon also manages to provide plenty of communal festivals and events, deliciously diverse cuisine, and exceptionally welcoming residents help make Roscommon a truly unforgettable place. If you’re looking for real estate so close to the water that you can practically swim in your own yard, so secluded your neighbors won’t even know your name, so close to town that you’re right in the center of all the action, or in any other specific part of Roscommon, Michigan, then Ken Carlson is your man.

Ken Carlson is Northern Michigan’s leading real estate agent whose passion in life for helping people find their dream homes has led him to primarily sell Roscommon real estate. Roscommon real estate is coveted for its ability to provide countless opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as its proximity to priceless terrain and heavy traffic thanks to the thriving tourism industry. Trying to find the perfect real estate anywhere in the United States alone can be a frustrating experience filled with more questions than answers. The only way to ensure you find your dream home in Roscommon is to trust Ken Carlson with the search. Whether you’re looking for a large lakefront listing that offers all the space you need to entertain guests throughout the year or a humble home that features a private dock to fulfill your every water sport whim, Ken Carlson will work tirelessly to help you find a home you love that has exactly what you need. A home is not just a place you live, it’s a place you grow and make valuable memories that will influence the rest of your life, so let Ken Carlson help you pick out the perfect one.

Ken Carlson knows as much about Northern Michigan as he does real estate, and no one is more passionate or committed to helping you find an affordable home you love than he is. Whether you’re buying or selling, Ken Carlson goes above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience. Ken Carlson works with various buyers and sellers not only in Roscommon, but also all throughout Northern Michigan, which allows him to always set up the perfect match, leaving both parties incredibly satisfied with the transaction. Begin your search of Roscommon real estate today, with Ken Carlson Realty, by calling Ken Carlson at 989.240.0970.