Northern Michigan Commercial Properties

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Northern Michigan Commercial Properties

Each year more and more people and business owners are discovering the many benefits and advantages of Northern Michigan living. From weekend warriors who rent or own property, to snow birds who enjoy living here in summers and going south in the winters, to full time residents and business owners, Northern Michigan is a great place to live, work, start a new business, retire and play. Whether you’re searching for a place to live or a business to operate, location should be your number one concern. You want a place where you know your investment is safe.  Somewhere where your business will not only succeed, but thrive and grow. With the large numbers of people flocking to Northern Michigan, you can feel confident that you’re making a great choice.

More than just a great place to own a business or be an entrepreneur, Northern Michigan is the perfect place to live, play and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.  Long known for unequaled natural beauty, Roscommon and Roscommon County are also alive with the friendly, hometown up north atmosphere. It’s a place where the schools are exceptional, the health care is great and readily available and history and culture are at their finest. It’s a place where quaint downtowns house unique shops and restaurants call out to welcome visitors. A place where four seasons of extraordinary recreational adventures await, just outside your back door.  If you own a business in the area, these are the special kinds of amenities and features that attract great employees, and retain an abundance loyal customers.

Because of its natural beauty, Roscommon, Roscommon County, Higgins Lake, Houghton Lake and Lake St. Helen are just the kinds of places that attract and inspire artists, athletes and performers. From art and craft shows to local entertainment venues to art galleries, and museums, Northern Michigan offers an unequaled standard of living for the art community. Many artists including several, who are nationally recognized, make Northern Michigan their home. Seasonal festivals and events that celebrate arts and crafts, history, music of all kinds, homes and gardens, seasons, harvest time, food and drinks, cars, boats,  and more bring out the best talent from all over the world. These festivals are becoming well-known and besides the local residents, they now draw music, art, and culture lovers from all over the country.

If you’re considering a move to Northern Michigan and you’re concerned about the schools your children will be attending, you can rest assured that Northern Michigan schools are highly rated for their educational standards from K-12 including both public and private schools. When it’s time to head off to college, kids can start off at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey and then continue their education at Central Michigan, Ferris State, Lake Superior State or Spring Arbor. Because Roscommon County is centrally located in Michigan, your college students will never be too far from home.

Few cities or towns in Michigan can provide better health care options for their residents than those in Northern Michigan.  Roscommon County is home to two major top-rated regional hospitals as well as a large choice of clinics, family practitioners, surgeons, specialists, dentists, ophthalmologists, medical labs and alternative medical centers. Living in Northern Michigan, you and your family are never far away from excellent medical care. Good health is vital and in addition to medical facilities, the communities in Northern Michigan offer a number of educational programs designed to promote health and well-being for residents who live and work in the community.

Perhaps the number one reason why people keep moving to Northern Michigan though is the recreational opportunities that are everywhere. You can literally walk out your front door and find something to do.  From beaches and shorelines, to hiking through miles and miles of pristine forests, to walking the rolling sand dunes of Lake Michigan, to the nationally acclaimed golf courses, to kayaking, swimming, fishing or boating in Higgins Lake, Houghton Lake and Lake St. Helen or one of the hundreds of other inland lakes, the choices never end. In winter, the fun continues with skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing or the countless winter festivals that attract thousands of people. It’s these recreational opportunities that keep people coming to live in and visit Northern Michigan and create a never ending flow of customers.

You’ll be in good company if you’re looking for commercial property in Northern Michigan. The downtown shopping areas scattered throughout Roscommon County provide quaint shopping and dining opportunities where shops owners are friendly and customers are plentiful. Whether it’s a mom and pop diner or a high end gourmet restaurant, bakeries, ice cream shops, sporting shops, jewelry stores, clothing shops, coffee shops, book stores, gift shops, home furnishings, antique shops, or art galleries, Northern Michigan’s charming shopping districts won’t disappoint.

Northern Michigan Commercial Properties offer a huge variety of options and opportunities for just about any type of business venture. From vacant commercial land to existing business opportunities, to commercial buildings, leases or industrial type properties, Northern Michigan offers endless potential for a new or existing businesses to succeed. While populations as well as tourism are growing, in areas like Northern Michigan where most of the populations are scattered through larger regions, it is important that you choose the right area and the right type of property. Ken Carlson Realty is highly knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with Northern Michigan commercial property and can help you find that perfect property to enhance your business. For example, Cadillac is one area which offers many commercial properties to choose from. Home to over 10,000 residents, the city is situated at the junction of 131, M-55 and 115 in the center of the state. Commercial properties here include commercial buildings ready to move in to vacant commercial properties waiting for you to make something of them. Cadillac is a beautiful area where commercial properties for sale are selling fast.

Houghton Lake and nearby Higgins Lake are two very popular tourist meccas and represent two of the largest and most popular northern lakes in the state. A large number of commercial properties are for sale now in and around Higgins Lake and Houghton Lake. Business opportunities in these highly populated areas range from bars and restaurants to stores, office type business to vacant land where you can begin your Northern Michigan business dream from the ground up.  So many great business opportunities are waiting to be found throughout Northern Michigan. Begin your search for Northern Michigan commercial properties by calling Ken Carlson at 989.240.0970 today.

Ken Carlson Realty is your source for Northern Michigan Commercial Real Estate located in Cadillac, Higgins Lake, Houghton Lake, Lake City, McBain, Roscommon, Clare, Prudenville and many other local areas. Commercial Building, Commercial Land, Commercial Lease, Industrial and many other Northern Michigan Commercial Properties are available.