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Prudenville Real Estate

Having the great pleasure to live in a community as unique and welcoming as Prudenville comes with plenty of perks. Despite its size, Prudenville is located in Denton Township in Roscommon County provides more than enough excitement and stimulation to occupy it’s relatively small population. What they lack as a community in terms of size and population density they make up for with their positive attitude, friendly spirit, clean parks and facilities, excellent emergency services, ample support from community leaders, and the ability to accept others and thrive together as one efficient collective.

For nature lovers and enthusiasts there are countless opportunities to explore the area and get to know nature on a deeper level. Proximity to the AuSable State Forest enables residents and tourists the opportunity to slow down and relax, get some fresh air, and learn more about the local wildlife, whereas Houghton Lake provides thrilling adventures and chances to enjoy swimming, fishing, jet skis, water skiing, and more. Don’t have a boat? That’s fine. There are plenty of places to rent one so that you can enjoy a hot summer day on the open water without the responsibility and commitment of full-time boat ownership.

Hiking, exploring, lounging, and more can be a lot of fun, but just because you head back to town doesn’t mean that the fun is over. Prudenville has an abundance of local shops, restaurants, and places of entertainment just waiting to be discovered. Families with children and light-hearted adults should check out Putt R Golf for some amazing put-put fun. For more serious golfers looking for a challenge, the local White Deer Country Club has some amazing courses available for incredibly affordable rates. A great selection of national favorites and chain restaurants offer a familiar assortment of cuisine ranging from pizza and fried chicken to tacos and burgers, but for those who want some real Michigan original flavors and homemade cooking, there are tons of deliciously unique options around town. From Kiss Me Specialty Coffee’s sinfully scrumptious selections of hot and cold coffees, teas, and more to Frog Tiki Bar’s tactful take on traditional American pub food, no one does Michigan more proud when it comes to food than the humble cooks of Prudenville.

There are a variety of lodging opportunities for newcomers and travelers, each with all the comforts and amenities you would expect from a typical hotel with only a few small exceptions including the incredibly fresh air, limitless opportunity, and relaxation that awaits you every day when you wake up in Prudenville. Houghton Lake is the largest inland lake in Michigan and though it is not the largest lake in the United States, it is one of the largest natural lakes in the country, making it a very popular vacation destination for people from all over. The lake receives its water from Higgins Lake through the Cut River and is the headwaters for the Muskegon River. You would think that a lake reaching almost eight miles from tip to tip would be incredibly deep, but it’s actually rare to see depths greater than 17 feet, making it the perfect place for boaters to come and fish, and water sports enthusiasts to let loose. Though Prudenville sits closer to the southeastern edge of the lake, residents are never excluded or too far away to enjoy Houghton Lake’s annual Tip-Up-Town USA event. This incredible ice fishing and winter sports festival happens every year on top of the frozen waters of Houghton Lake itself, and provides countless locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy an incredibly unique experience unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. For the rest of the year, the 30 miles of pristine shoreline act as the perfect refuge for anyone who just needs some time to wind down.

No matter what time of year it is, there is always something different and wonderful going on in Prudenville. From the aforementioned Tip-Up-Town USA ice fishing and winter sports festival in January, to once in a lifetime chances to see the beautiful Michigan foliage changing in the fall, to the birth of diverse species of wildlife in the early spring, the number of unique and incredible experiences possible in Prudenville are infinite. The only way to truly get the most out of all that Prudenville has to offer, is to take a chance and live here. There’s no other way, you just have to see for yourself and we promise you won’t regret it.

The hidden treasure of Michigan communities known as Prudenville offers everything a prospective resident could hope for. With safe neighborhoods, compassionate residents, great schools, top-notch communal and emergency services, endless natural beauty, exceptional recreation all year long, and so much more, there’s a reason that current residents never even consider living anywhere else. If you want to live close enough to Houghton Lake that the smell of those calm waters are the first thing to wake you up in the morning, tucked away amongst the trees in your own private little paradise, or even right near town so you can hit up your favorite coffee shop on your way to your favorite book store, or in any other specific part of Prudenville, Michigan, then Ken Carlson is your go to guy.

Ken Carlson is a great Realtor® when it comes to sifting through Prudenville real estate and doing everything it takes to ensure that you and your family find the home that you both love and deserve. Searching through Prudenville real estate listings alone can leave you with more questions about listings than actual opinions. After all, choosing a new home is an incredibly important decision that should never be taken lightly, so why choose a home without professional guidance? Whether you hope to find a tiny cottage for two on the lake where you can enjoy your retirement with the love of your life, or a massive property with excessive space capable of hosting even the most rambunctious members of your family for the holidays, Ken Carlson will work with you every step of the way to find you a new home that has everything you’re looking for. Finding your perfect new forever-home has never been easier thanks to Ken Carlson’s passion, experience and dedication to what he loves most, helping people find the place they will make lasting memories.

Not many know the ins and outs of Northern Michigan better than Ken Carlson, and no one is more committed to helping his clients. Whether you hope to find your dream home or are selling your current home, Ken Carlson will go above and beyond to help you. Ken Carlson has worked with countless buyers and sellers in Prudenville real estate and throughout the rest of Northern Michigan, and he knows how to connect people in a mutually beneficial way, ensuring mutual satisfaction. He works tirelessly to find you not only a home you’re in love with, but also one that fits into your budget. Begin your search of Prudenville real estate today, with Ken Carlson Realty, by calling Ken Carlson at 989.240.0970.