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Roscommon County Tax And Millage Rates

Use this link to review all local township millage rates. The following township taxes levied are calculated as follows: Divide the current SEV by 1000, (if the SEV is 87,000 you would multiple by 87) then multiple by the number of  mills found in the chart below. This will give you the estimated tax bill for the year […]

Higgins Lake Real Estate Tax Assessments

Great News For Lakefront Property Owners At Higgins Lake For the last 3 years I and many other people have been objecting to the property assessments being over valued. Assessments did not reflect the down turn in values around the lake. Assessments topped out at $7,100 per foot in Gerrish Township. In Gerrish Township, the […]

Lakefront Real Estate Listings

Higgins Lake, Houghton Lake or Any Other Waterfront Buyer needs to consider getting into the market sooner rather than later! From my point of view the interest rates are at the best offerings that we have seen in decades. Today the national average rate for a 30 year was 4.79% for qualified borrowers. Here is a […]

Distressed Higgins Lake Homes Foreclosed

July 1st Your Township Treasurer Mailed Your Property Tax Bill………………… it is the largest bill of the property tax year. You may have noticed that in some of the northern Michigan township’s assessments are still on the rise.  Even though the assessment increase may not be the reason for your tax increase, increasing assessments are […]

Roscommon County Lakefront Homes

WOW…..currently there are 203 waterfront homes listed in the MLS in Roscommon County lakes. The prices range from $130,900 to $1,590,000. If you are looking to buy on the lake waterfront, now may be the time. Roscommon County is the Northern Michigan destination for recreational and retirement living. Located between I-75 and US 127  it […]

Is Your Lakefront Property At Higgins Lake Selling

How long has your lakefront been listed? There are many reasons that your lakefront property may not be selling. From bad staging to price to market or just poor visibility in a market literally overflowing with waterfront properties. The trick to getting your waterfront home sold is to first getting the help you need to […]

Higgins Lakefront Property Values Dropping

Higgins lakefront values have dropped, but not nearly as much as real estate in general. Higgins Lakefront values will tend to be more stable because there are fewer parcels available than non lakefront properties. Think of it this way, the law of supply and demand will usually keep property values stable because there are fewer […]

Lansing Politicians Responsible For Tax Assessments Out Of Control

Adding insult to injury Higgins Lake and Roscommon area tax payer’s are seeing their annual assessment notices arriving in their mail boxes. My email inbox is full and my phone is ringing with tax payers upset and angry. They are frustrated because they can not understand why, if their assessment has been reduced, why are their […]

Real Estate Tax Information About Higgins Lake Roscommon

Here on my real estate blog, I will endeavor to address a diversity of content related to the ownership of property. Although we will be discussing many topics, taxes tend to be high on the list of concerns, espcially when dealing with waterfront real estate on popular recreational lakes like Higgins, Houghton and Margarethe.  Taxes […]

Coveted Home Owner Tax Deductions Preserved

Now that the Stimulus Package  is law, taxpayers and the professional critics are posting comments about who has won and who has lost.  The mortgage interest deduction, and the sale of your homestead  exemption of $250K/$500K came through the legislative process intact. I have scanned  HR 1, the Stimulus Bill and found many items that are wasteful […]

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