Lansing Politicians Responsible For Tax Assessments Out Of Control

By Ken • March 1st, 2009

Adding insult to injury Higgins Lake and Roscommon area tax payer’s are seeing their annual assessment notices arriving in their mail boxes. My email inbox is full and my phone is ringing with tax payers upset and angry. They are frustrated because they can not understand why, if their assessment has been reduced, why are their taxes are going up! Your local assessor is mandated by law to increase your taxable value assessment  by the rate of inflation even though your property value has gone down.

Take heart…..there is always hope.

First go to the Board of Review and protest your assessment. If large numbers of taxpayer’s protest it will eventually have an impact on the Politician’s.

Next, flood your State Representative,  State Senator and Governor’s offices with email, letters, and phone calls demanding relief from the crazy law that increases your tax bill in an economy that is melting down,  when you may be losing our house, job, retirement income………….and,  try to sell your property right now for a decent price!

Next, ask your Realtor what you could sell your property for in this market. Armed with this fact in writing, show your elected officials that not only has your tax bill gone up, but some seller’s are hearing buyer’s say that I would buy your property, but I can’t afford the taxes when the new tax bill is figured on the uncapped assessment which will be the higher value of the SEV.

The people must demand change and remind our elected officials that the foundation of our economy is real estate sales and ownership. Until Lansing changes the regressive taxing of property, we will see Michigan’s economy continue to slip into recession.

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