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By Ken • November 3rd, 2011

Located In Northern Michigan 110 miles South Of The Mackinac Bridge Houghton Lake Is the largest inland lake in the State of Michigan with a surface area of approximately 20,044 acres. The lake has about 30 miles of shoreline and has some of the best sunsets you will find anywhere because of the consistent level of the horizon. There is plenty of room for recreational use with the vast width of the lake. Measuring over 7 miles north to south and almost 5 miles at the widest point. The lakes depth averages out at 7 plus feet and in the east bay area a hole at 20 feet can be found.

The lake is known for it’s great fishery hosting the species of pan fish, crappie, northern pike, blue gill, yellow perch and large/small mouth bass. The lake is not cold enough for the salmon and trout which can be fished at Higgins Lake to the north 2 miles. The presence of Tip Up Town and summer Bass tournaments confirms the great fishing that Houghton Lake is famous for.

Houghton Lake has no natural springs for the most part but receives its water from the Cut River which flows from the north via Higgins Lake. The lake has it’s oulet at the Muskegon River which flows out at the south west shore, the Muskegon River at Houghton Lake is it’s headwaters. The lake level is regulated by a dam at the Muskegon River outlet by court ordered legal limit.

The population of Houghton area is made up of 3 unincorporated villages. Prudenville at the southeast side, Houghton Lake along the south M-55 corridor and Houghton Lake Heights at the southwest shore. Houghton Lake Heights is home to the Michigan State Police Post at the corner of Old 27 and M-55.

Privately owned real estate is plentiful around and near the lake. Over the past 8 years the real estate market has provided one of the largest inventories of residential and commercial properties for sale. Buyers looking for lakefront property have and will continue to find good buys on Houghton Lake  waterfront listings to choose from. Over the past few years the MLS has offered as many as 110 lakefront listings at the peak of the summer sales inventory. Because of the large inventory of listings Houghton Lake has some of the lowest sales prices for northern Michigan waterfront.

Douglass Houghton who was one of the areas original explorers did geology studies for the State of Michigan. The lake is named after Mr Houghton.

The township form of government are the units that provide municipal services to the residents. There are 4 townships, Denton, Roscommon, Lake, and Markey. Markey township is the seat of the Roscommon County airport. The properties around Houghton Lake all have well water for drinking and municipal sewers for waste disposal. The water quality of the lake is good and improved after sewers were installed in the 1970s. The Houghton Lake Improvement Board regulates control of Eurasian Milfoil which is an underwater plant that can crowd out native preferred plants. The board has done a good job of balancing the control of the weed. The board funds the control efforts with a special assessment to properties that benefit from waterfront access. The assessment  costs a few hundred dollars per year or less.

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