Tax Savings Along With Money To Be Made For Investor Buyers

By Ken • June 18th, 2009

People in need are looking for homes to lease……………….

with the mortgage melt down families losing their homes are in immediate need of homes to rent. Some of these families are good folks that the economic down turn has dealt a financial hardship.

Investor buyer’s can make money buying properties at a discount right now, and make a substantial monthly income in rent VS  bank CD and money market rates and the risk of the stock market. Tax deductions for depreciation on investment property may also be of help to your financial needs.

If you are not interested in being a landlord, you can consider hiring a manager to take care of the house and property for you and still make money as the expense could be a deduction on your taxes.

I have people that are looking now for someone to lease to them. This can be a win for both parties when structured properly.

As a buyer you may not even have to use all of your money. Many seller’s are turning to Land Contracts (see my article)  “Use land contracts to close real estate transactions”).  As a buyer you may need only to come up with the Down Payment!

Disclaimer: Information contained herein is the opinion of the author.  Specific transactions may vary depending on your circumstances. You may need to consult an attorney or CPA  for advice.

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