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By Ken • February 14th, 2010

Happy Valentines Day To All Of You. If you haven’t gotten your honey a card or candy yet you still have a few hours! What does love have to do with real estate? For the Carlson’s, JoAnn and I decided to give each other some home improvement projects for Valentines day.

JoAnn suggested to me that the main bath in our house needed to be redecorated and the kitchen needed fresh paint soon. January and February are great months to get these projects done before the snow starts melting next month and you want to get outdoors!

The fact is that redecorating is a great equity builder in your home and it ‘s not a budget breaker, so get to the store and get started, we all know we can’t do enough these days to boost our home equity.  We completed both projects for just over $200 and that included a visit to Saint Vincents resale shop to pick a few table and wall decorations to make the look of the room pop!

So, show your spouse you care and that is what love and Real Estate are all about.

More Valuable Higgins Lake Real Estate Project Information Coming Soon

In the coming days I will bring you the details for a great spring outdoor project that will build equity in your property and it’s one of the best return on investment on all the possible projects you can do. I will give you the suggested project cost with and without labor.

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