Higgins Lake Real Estate Market Report

By Ken • January 7th, 2010

Happy New Year to you and I hope you have a safe and prosperous year ahead. The 2009 Higgins Lake real estate market was a year of continued foreclosures with loads of property available to interested buyer’s. Sales were steady last year with seller’s discounting prices to come into line with market values being soft. While some have called the current market conditions a major correction, others have called it giving away your property, I see at some place in the middle. The good times of no end to property appreciation could not be sustained indefinitely. As home seller’s, some are waiting the soft economic times out and others are jumping in with both feet and selling for discounted prices. The great thing about the Higgins Lake real estate market which was a year of continued foreclosures with loads of property available to interested buyer’s is that you can decide what works best for you and your situation. Do not become frightened by the changing times, instead, use these times to find out how you can capitalize your position in the the biggest real estate market in decades in Higgins Lake real estate!

Buyer’s in Higgins Lake are in the best position they have been in for decades! If you have been in the market looking this past year, do continue. The days ahead will have the potential for golden opportunities. The perfect storm as been brewing for financially responsible people. Here are the basic ingredients for your successful purchase in 2010!

* Continued large inventory of listings which will continue to drive down prices.
* The “Shadow” inventory of Bank Owned Properties (REOs) that has not been put on the market yet.  This inventory has the potential to be approximately 25% of the total foreclosure market!
* Additional  buyer purchasing power with the lowest interest rates in decades.
* It makes sense to invest your cash in real estate when bank CDs and money markets are at ugly low returns.
* Real estate taxes are starting to drop after 2-3 years of sales prices forcing assessors to adjust assessments.
In summary, don’t wait to long. This type of opportunity may not be offered again in your life time. For detailed consultation on northern Michigan real estate opportunities contact me today.

Again, Happy New Year!

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