Black Lake Black River Foreclosure Listings

By Ken • April 10th, 2011

Making Money In Real Estate Can Become A Reality For You

As the third wave of bank foreclosures is heating up buyers from across the country are cashing in on the real estate investing opportunities of their lifetime! Banks are paying very little on CDs and Money Markets so folks are turning to purchasing property.

Check out all the Black Lake listings here

Check out all the River listings here

Banks are also  experiencing a continued supply of foreclosures as the third  wave of property owners are forced to walk away from their homes. The first wave of foreclosures were related to the Washington DC policy that encouraged banks to use liar loans, which were intended to get anyone who wanted a home to be able to get a home. The second wave was related to the economic loss of jobs. In referring to the third wave they are related to the hard working responsible people that have lost 50% of the equity in their property because of the first and second wave of foreclosures which could have been avoided accept for the flawed policies of the Fed and the banks! Another reason buyers need to be watching daily is the fact that the banks have a Shadow Inventory.The shadow inventory are the properties that banks have already foreclosed and have chosen not to list the homes yet!

There are dozens of homes for sale on Black Lake and now is a great time to buy. If you are looking for a primary or a vacation home on Black Lake or anywhere in Northern Michigan, contact Ken Carlson Realty at 989.240.0970 today.


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