Higgins Lake Roscommon Real Estate Sold

By Ken • April 10th, 2011

Foreclosed Property At 2549 Meadowwood Dr Sold Recently For $23140

The property was listed at $32,900 and was on the market for only 58 days before selling. Just a few years ago properties like this one were selling for $60,000 to $65,000. Opportunities will continue to be presented on a weekly basis for the buyer willing to be engaged in the market and make offers.

Go to the link to Find The Listings  that could be your next dream deal. Be sure to check this web site on a daily basis for listing updates as properties come on the market.

Banks are experiencing a continued supply of foreclosures as the third  wave of property owners are forced to walk away from their homes. The first wave of foreclosures were related to the Washington DC policy that encouraged banks to use liar loans, which was intended to get anyone who wanted a home to be able to get one. The second wave was related to the economic loss of jobs. In referring to the third wave they are related to the hard working responsible people that have lost 50% of the equity in their property because of the first and second of foreclosures which could have been avoided accept for the flawed policies of the Fed and the banks!

If you are a serious REO buyer and are in the market contact me for your personal list of real time foreclosures on the market as of today. Times will never be better again for decades to buy real estate!


Sales data provided through the Paul Bunyan MLS Inc.

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