AuSable And Manistee River Real Estate

By Ken • March 27th, 2009

As The Trout Season Calls…………. AuSable And Manistee River Real Estate

Anglers from all parts of the country  will migrate to northern Michigan with one thing on the their mind………catch a world class brown, brook or rainbow trout from the clear cool waters of the Manistee and AuSable rivers. For Midwest trout fishing, anglers recognize these two rivers as the waters that can produce world class fishing…..and the part of the main stream of the AuSable called “The Holy Waters” which is a 9 mile section Fly Only located from Burtons landing to Wakeley Bridge Road.

There are experiences for all. The beginner, amateur, and the serious fly only angler. I remember taking my kids to the public landing on the main stream of the AuSable  back in the 1980s. My daughter really didn’t care for fishing but wanted to be with the rest of the family that day. We did not bring home any fish in our creel but we made good memories for the kids.

Recently my two sons, now ages 29 and 34 have gotten their hands on two old fishing fly rods and reels and are going out on opening day. It does this fathers heart good to see my two sons taking up the sport that has been around the Roscommon and Grayling areas for a long time. Our family is really lucky to have lived in the Roscommon and Grayling area our entire lives. If you get the bug to go fish’in, you only have to walk down  to the stream or drive a short distance to relax. Folks from down state spend many hours traveling to northern Michigan most weekends to relax and dream of the time when they are here for vacation and some day retire so they to can enjoy the very woods and waters so many natives have grown to take for granted.

If  you are new to the sport or just need some information to make your trip into the water wonderland a memorable one, here are DNR trout population trends for all branches of the AuSable.

Many folks own property along the rivers. They claim there is nothing like sitting on the porch along the river when the sun goes down and the dew and dusk is falling like a quiet whisper. The loons are singing their northern song and you hear the fish rising in the river water to grab that juicy fly that nightfall brings on.

South of Grayling 10 miles is the South Branch of the AuSable river that flows from Roscommon to the main stream of the AuSable. The South Branch flows into the main steam just up stream from Smith Bridge which is located on M-72 east of Grayling.

AuSable Rivers South Branch Is Rich In Fly Fishing Lore………….

starting at Chase Bridge is the Mason Tract fly only area where trout anglers have had dedicated to their sport over 1500 acres of natures most notable beauty. My family and I have floated this tract so many times over our life time we have lost count. The experience never becomes common place, and I will always enjoy the storied tour. After George Mason donated the 1500 acre tract in 1955 and the U.S. Forest Service added another 1330 acres in 1957 that extended the Mason Tracts borders. We are all encouraged to tread easy as we use the dedicated river and forest so many generations of our familes may enjoyed as we have.

Here is a DNR informational MAP of the Mason Tract.

Much Of The  Manistee River Has Loads Of Wilderness Type Fishing

Above M-72 West of Grayling their are many public access sites, the waters are very wadeable and the stream provides brook and brown trout. For the FLY enthusiaste below M-72  the Manistee provides miles of fly only fishing anglers with loads of prime fishing.

Map of Manistee water shed

Remember the “Golden Rule” when on the river, respect all people, property, and tread lightly when using Gods creation. Many generations to come will be rewarded when we leave the river and woods the way it was before man used it!

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